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Im sure you've probably noticed by now, google has recently released a 'gpay' or 'gbuy' service called Google Checkout, allowing customers to checkout through their interface. People are signing up in droves for this service, and you dont want to be left out of the loop. Not only will you be able to service more customers, you also get to process orders for FREE if you use Google adwords (which you should be!)

I'm sure you can see the value of accepting Google payments and you may have already signed up with Google, but there is a catch; Google was kind enough to encrypt their checkout buttons making it pretty difficult for the average person to use them on their website. If you want a dynamic solution which integrates google checkout, you'd have to spend hours learning their confusing API, then days writing mountains of code to interface with their API. If you dont have the experience to do that, expect to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a developing contractor to do it for you.

That is where we come in, our programmers spent days reverse engineering the encryption to create the Google Checkout Button Generator Script which allows you to generate those encrypted buttons with ease and there is no need to interface with the google API. Integration is a snap, you can have your buttons setup in mere minutes with just two simple lines of code! Seriously, only 2 lines, your grandmother could probably do this. Not only does the Google Checkout button software allow for easy integration with any cart or store interface it also works as a stand alone product which you can offer to your customers to create their own buttons. Check out the demo!

Requires PHP (any version)
binary option
  • Easy setup and use! Put a button anywhere in seconds or integrate with your pre-existing cart and catalog
  • Free integration support! Still can't figure it out? We'll help you integrate with your cart, no matter which kind, for FREE!
  • Setup thank you pages and enable auto delivery with Return URL support on every button
  • Support any size order. Each button can hold multiple items, options, and quantities
  • Have complete control over your shipping and handling methods
  • Allow customers to edit cart from google's page during checkout for last minute decisions
  • Charge any amount you'd like for your products, there are no limits
  • Process orders for free when you use your Google Adwords account
  • Give your customers total security using Google Checkout's encrypted forms and secure processing
  • Built in error checking to make sure your buttons will work every time
  • All code is thoroughly commented to make customizing the script easy, even for those not very familiar with php
  • Helpful Support is always just an email away (Contact us for any questions)
  • Free Upgrades for life!


  • If you are one of the first 200 people to order, you will recieve a Free paypal script that does the same thing as your Google Checkout Script!
See it in action with the live demo first! Google Checkout Demo

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